Winter Season Preparation Complete!

September 11, 2023

With summer coming to a close and the kids back in school that means it’s almost time for some Fighting Walleye hockey!

For the start of the season we have some major changes to announce based on required parity changes from the AHA. All but one of our four teams have been forced up a tier-level for the upcoming winter season. D1 moves to C3 (now C3 Blue), C3 Blue moves to C2 and C2 moves to C1. The C3 Black team remains at C3.

This is an exciting opportunity for the Walleye to continue to grow as well with the addition of 4 new members to the squad; Brian Donnell and Forrest Webb on C3 Blue, Tyler Eckwright on C3 Black and Doug Cutler on the C2. Welcome to the Fighting Walleye!

Also, we’re excited to announce the return of Tom Schmitz to the Walleye where he’ll join C2. Lastly, Buck Olsen should make his return from a 12+ month stint on injured list after undergoing surgery. Welcome back guys!

Stay tuned for pre-season scrimmage announcements, the winter schedule and don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Walleye vs. Macalester College game on November 3rd! You can view our 23-24 Winter Rosters using the website menu, under “Teams”.